Bicicletas Eléctricas de ciudad personalizadas.Bicicletas Eléctricas para todos los terrenosPrototipos E-Bike personalizados de alto rendimiento.Servicio de Taller a domicilio para flotas.Servicio de Taller a domicilio para flotas.

Bicycles manufactured to move on all types of terrain, fully personalized whether touring, MTB or FAT type, with powerful motors that will make it easier for you to travel on sand and asphalt roads without problem.

SUV CITY E-BIKE | All road bikes | Wheels: 26 - 27,5 & 28 | Frame: Classic, MTB Carbon or FAT

Batteries Set FT 36v 19.2 Ah. | 1. Central Motor TS 500W CICLOTEK | 2. BPM Motor LCD5 rear 500W CICLOTECK

Salamandra Bikes




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Salamandra Bikes

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